Kursana – a safe home for seniors

Wellbeing begins with being able to make one’s life comfortable. Our goal is to ensure maximum happiness and quality of life for elderly people. We offer them a safe home in a comfortable environment, promote autonomous living in a community, and support them in any situation. You can trust us to be there around the clock.

For more than 35 years, we have been amassing experience, which we have now been able to condense into a high degree of competence. With its nursing, care, and service offers, Kursana has created a brand name that is associated with quality, customer orientation, and social commitment.

Tallinn - Kursana Merivälja Pansion

Kursana Domizil Tallinn - Kursana Merivälja Pansion
Ranniku tee 48
12113 Tallinn
Tel. +372 60 92 - 605
kursana @remove-this.kursana.ee

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You can find current job offers directly
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