Our Care Concept

  • Short and long- term care
  • Specialist care for dementia patients


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Kursana – Experience and Expertise

Kursana is the leading private service provider in the field of professional nursing and care for the elderly on the German market. At the current 116 homes, residences and villas Kursana cares for and nurses 13.600 senior citizens. For more than 30 years Kursana has provided a safe home for the elderly with the nursing and care they need. With decades of experience and a long-standing commitment to the field of nursing, Kursana a proficient partner.


Kursana Residenzen GmbH is represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and Italy. Our establishments are characterised by exemplary standards, contemporary therapy concepts, a high level of service awareness and economically sound management structures. In terms of quality we operate above the customary market requirements.


Systematic Success

At each location Kursana is one of the top addresses for senior citizens in the region. In order to ensure care of the highest quality at all times, as well as operations that are ideally co-ordinated with all relevant functions, we provide our services only in carefully designed and appropriately equipped, multifunction buildings.


Underlying Security

All companies of the Kursana Group are 100% subsidiaries of the Berlin Dussmann Group. With almost 56.500 employees in 21 countries the Dussmann Group is one of the largest private multi-service providers worldwide. Kursana therefore stands on an economically powerful footing and can benefit in many cases from synergy effects. At our homes the residents enjoy the professional services of Dussmann Service, from subsistence to professional cleaning.