Our Care Concept

  • Short and long- term care
  • Specialist care for dementia patients


Telefon +372 6230 605 :: kursana @kursana.ee

Nursing and Care

The Kursana residence in Tallinn combines all forms of care under one roof, ranging from standard everyday care to those requiring the highest levels of care. Our qualified personnel are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our care comprises the fields of 


  • Long-term inpatient care 
  • Short-term/holiday care
  • Skilled nursing for dementia patients 
  • Respite care 
  • Outpatient care

Care in the Residential Community 

In our residential community our residents can keep their independence while nevertheless receiving as much individual support as they require. We place great value on ensuring that you feel at ease in all situations on our premises, even if one day your health is not as good as it might be. Our employees pay great attention to making sure that you want for nothing in your home.


The services range from basic care, such as help with personal hygiene and diet, through therapeutic care, such as the application of bandages and injections, to the administration of medications.


Residential Area for Dementia Patients

The Kursana residence in Tallinn currently has 12 nursing places in a separate residential area for residents suffering from dementia who can move about freely in protective and safe surroundings. A protected garden area and large terrace area allow the residents to find their own way at all times out into the fresh air. A cosy living environment with furnishings and decorations from past times helps the residents to remember and feel at ease. With a concept that has been thought through down to the last detail, as well as our specially trained employees, we specialise in the specific needs of residents suffering from dementia and offer the requisite intensive care.


Cooperation Partners

The Kursana residence in Tallinn is very well integrated into the social and medical network of the city. We cooperate with hospitals, doctors and specialists. On the basis of the permanent exchange between our qualified personnel, experienced health professionals and therapists we can offer modern therapies and scientifically tested measures at all times.